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As the best nail salon in Fargo city in North Dakota , Nail Deluxe offered professional nail services by well trained technicians that have years of experiences. Men and women from all over the county became long time customers because of its best services, state of the art equipment, and sanitary environment that met government standards and regulations.
Getting tired of the old styles? Have a custom design in mind? Could not find a salon met your expectations? Come to join thousand of satisfied customers who received VIP treats. Let us take care of your needs, fulfill your desires, and perfect your beauty. Experience the difference! Experience the best nail salon in Fargo city in North Dakota!

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I love going to this salon! I went in 3 weeks ago and I’d been looking for a place to get my acrylics done. There are so many salons that either don’t do acrylics or are not sure what you are talking about. I decided to go to one last place.,.this salon was it. I met Kathy and she is a doll. She is fantastic with acrylics and she prides herself in her work. Her own nails are lovely and I appreciate the care she puts into herself. So many times I have seen the ladies in the salons doing customers nails and their nails ate horrible. The prices are excellent and the material they use for acrylics is awesome.

 Francine L.
Francine L.Client

It’s been a while since I have been in but I got a pedicure here this summer and thought it was a great place. So many color choices and reasonably priced for the amount of time. One pedicure for the basic package was around 45 minutes which I loved ! There is a good variety of choices as well

Morgan M.
Morgan M.Client

I’m giving this store 5 star because of Co Kim I’m a boy and she was so nice that she gave me a pedicure and a manicure thanks Co Kim

Jimmy T.
Jimmy T.Client



4302 13th Ave S , Suite #5

Fargo ND 58103